Products to come

Figuring out how to run a website is frustrating and a long process. Trust me lol. But if it’s your desire to start and run one, keep that in mind. It takes time and dedication, but most importantly...passion and desire in what you do.


Anyway, everything here is going good. More t-shirts have been added and more to come. I’ve also been thinking about putting my designs on other products in the future. Products such as hoodies, canvas and poster prints and possibly some things for children. 

I enjoy doing what I do and strive to bring great designs to my customers no matter what. But for now I’m gonna focus on just t-shirts. You may see a different product here and there to be honest, but I won’t guarantee just yet.


Lastly I want to once again thank my visitors for stopping by and browsing.


Now it’s time for me to head to bed. I’m tired plus this man still has a 9-5 job so yeah. 

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